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Vieja Argentea

Just a small update.
All cichlids are gone, except the Vieja Argentea.
Current population:
Vieja Argentea: 1 big male, 1 slightly smaller male (son of big male), 1 Female (same size as “son”), 6 mid size(around 15 cm) , 7 smaller Argentea’s (around 10 cm)

Current situation, not perfect.
Biggest male has bullied son, is slightly damaged.
(This happend when tank was empty, stones and wood was removed to catch the other cichlids, this took over 3 hours BTW.)
After introduction of the new female, she was the target, the smaller ones where/are ignored by big male.
I need more distraction for the big one.
I’m raising wild colored poecilia velifera as new compagnons in other tank.

Also started to reshape tank, I missed the green, so plants will be introduced again. Rescaping will be put online in pictures and video. As well as the new fish, for those who care 😛
(basically me, I use this blog as external memory, since I have no of my own)